10% off on Guduchi Hairless cream (Pack of 3)

10% off on Guduchi Hairless cream (Pack of 3)

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Guduchi Hairless cream

Permanently slows down, reduces and can stop growth of unwanted hair in a gentle, Sure and Certain way.

Very effective and economical alternative to laser and electrolysis treatments.A Unisex product for both men and women

with no side effects.

How does Guduchi Hairless Cream works ?

HAIRLESS, Guduchi’s hair removal cream, is a unisex product aimed at removing unwanted hair in a gentle and sure way with permanent slowing down and reduction of hair growth on its use for a period of 3 months.

The main ingredient, Haratala, is believed to help in decreasing the hair growth by working on different biochemical pathways that take place in our body. Hartala may reduce the number of molecules required to provide energy thereby arresting the formation of hair follicles that in turn reduces hair growth.

Other ingredients such as Shankha bhasma and Yastimadhu help in facilitating the entry of Hartala through the outermost layer of the skin (stratum corneum), which is lipophilic in nature.

In addition, Yashtimadhu and banana stem juice have proven skin conditioning, smoothening and anti-allergic effects thereby acting as neutralizers in maintaining the pH and supple nature of the skin.

Guduchi Hairless cream is 100% natural with below ingredients:

Shankha Bhasma -25gm
Yastimadhu -12.5 gm
Haratala - 12.5 gm
Banana Stem Juice - Q.S

How to use Guduchi Hairless Cream ?

Apply Guduchi No Hair cream after hair removal method of your choice ( Waxing, Threading, Shaving etc. ). Apply it on the skin. Wash it off after 30 mins.

Use it  daily for a period of 3 months to see visible difference in hair growth suppression. 

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