5% off on Flexiplus Massage Oil - Knee Joint and Back Pain (Pack of 3)

5% off on Flexiplus Massage Oil - Knee Joint and Back Pain (Pack of 3)

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5% off on Flexiplus Massage Oil - Knee Joint and Back Pain (Pack of 3)

Flexiplus liniment is a pure herbal formulation. Selection of herbs in this formulation is based upon a long standing use as a traditional solution to promote joint health, control natural inflammatory responses within the body and maintain healthy nerve and tissue function. Gandhapura tail is considered to have analgesic and anti-inflammatry properties. Sesame oil is nourishing and rejuvenates skin, bones and nerves. Numerous modern scientific studies support the positive effects of the component herb as an excellent analgesic.


Each 100 ML Oil contains. Til Tail 48.25gms Dashmool 10gms Shallaki 4gms Nirgundi Patra 10gms Mahanarayana Taila 10ml Vishagarbha Taila 10ml Gandhapura Taila 10ml Sahacharadi Taila 13.6ml Nilgiri Taila 1ml Karpura Taila 5ml Pudina Taila 2ml Fragrance : QS


Application:Take sufficient quantity of oil and apply on the affected part. Massage gently to facilitate penetration for couple of minutes.Take the hot water bath if feasible or apply the wet cloth with hot water on the affected area Leave it on. Fomentation may be done after application ?


  • Helps to provide instant and symptomatic relief from pain and inflammation of joints
  • Helps to relieve spasm and stiffness of muscles/ligaments Supports in improving blood circulation around joints Helps restore normal mobility and improves flexibility of joints
  • Flexiplus oil is helpful in Arthritis, Myalgia, Stiffness, Backpain, Knee Joint , Restoring joint mobility, control of discomfort associated with bones and joint.

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